Close to the Parco del Mare and Piazzale Belvedere,

the new seafront of Rimini offers green spaces, bike and pedestrian paths, sports facilities, and playgrounds for children.
More and more greenery, nature, more space for sports, more cycle and pedestrian paths. The Parco del Mare, a major redevelopment project of Rimini’s seafront, aims to create more outdoor living spaces with dedicated services for well-being and quality of life.
It offers lush greenery, nature, more space for sports, and extensive bike and pedestrian paths. This initiative meets the essential needs of today, focusing on well-being, environment, and sustainable mobility.
Moreover, a sophisticated purification system, reaching up to 40 meters underground and rising to 6/8 meters with the Belvedere, creates a new square overlooking the sea from where the newly renovated seafront begins.

Visit the Historic Center of Rimini with its monuments.

Rimini is not only famous for its nightlife and beautiful sea but also for its rich artistic heritage that distinguishes it.
From monuments dating back to the ancient Roman Empire to those characteristic of the medieval era, to the 19th-century halls of the Galli Theater and the historic Fulgor cinema, its distinctive historic center hosts over 2000 years of history!

Monuments and museums not to be missed include:

  • Ponte Tiberio with the new Piazza dell’acqua, connecting the
    Historic Center to the Borgo di San Giuliano with constraints, small houses,
    and murals. Excellent restaurants with Romagnola and seafood specialties,
    piadinerie, and Rimini hamburger joints.
    It also connects to Parco XXV Aprile.
  • Castel Sismondo with the new Piazza Malatesta (Piazza dei Sogni)
    and the Fellini Museum.
  • Teatro Galli, completely restored and inaugurated in 2018.
    Guided tours are organized throughout the year.
    The annual calendar is rich in drama and dance performances.
  • Part, palaces of art in Rimini, Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art
    of Rimini, and Garden of Sculptures, in the Palazzo dell’Arengo,
  • City Museum, Domus del Chirurgo, and excavation of Piazza Ferrari.
  • Rimini Cathedral (Tempio Malatestiano)
  • Gambalunga Library
  • Amphitheater
  • Piazza 3 Martiri (archaeological remains)
  • Porta Montanara
  • Cinema Fulgor, completely renovated in a historic building.

Explore the Riminese hinterland with its medieval villages.

Explore the Riminese hinterland with its medieval villages.

Our Villages:

  • Santarcangelo di Romagna
  • Torriana with the Castle of Azzurina
  • Verucchio
  • San Leo
  • Gradara
  • Montegridolfo
  • Pennabilli
  • Montefiore Conca
  • Saludecio
  • Longiano

Excursions in the theme parks and entertainment of the Romagnola Riviera.

Visit the theme parks, water parks, and marine parks on the Romagnola Riviera.

Discover and visit the parks of the Romagnola Riviera:
  • Italia in Miniatura
  • Oltremare
  • Acquario di Cattolica
  • Fiabilandia
  • Acquafan
  • Mirabilandia
  • Skypark
  • San Marino Adventures
  • Boabay
  • Ravenna Safari Zoo

Excursion to the Republic of San Marino.

Visit the oldest Republic in the World.
The territory of San Marino has a Historic Center with districts overlooking
Monuments, Museums, Towers, Ancient Churches, Stamp Museum, and characteristic shops.

Excursion to the caves of Onferno.

An important Nature Reserve in the province of Rimini, in the municipality of Gemmano.

The gypsum caves are home to a colony of bats, and the caves are carved by the waters of a stream.
Guided tours are organized in the reserve by the park staff, suitable for families and groups.

An excursion not to be missed.

Visit the canal port area of the Port.

On the right side of the Port are:
the Lighthouse, the Panoramic Wheel, many seafood restaurants, Peter Pan Park, Tourqoise,
Coconuts nightclub, and Rockislands.
The area of Riminese nightlife.

Shopping in Rimini and Surroundings.

Le Befane, Rimini shopping night, and San Marino outlet.

In addition to the sea, you can also go shopping.
  • Viale Vespucci with its numerous local shops, bars, and restaurants, offers a
    two-kilometer-long promenade.
  • Historic Center, in the various streets of the Historic Center, there are many local shops and brand shops
    , open during the day and often also in the evening. Rimini shopping night is the evening dedicated to shops, on Wednesdays.
  • Le Befane shopping center, open every day until 10 pm, with brand and chain stores.
  • San Marino Outlet Experience, located near Rimini, with boutiques of national and international brands.